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Taking care of your business

Extremely inexpensive way to maximize production
Improving Health = Saving Money
Mental Health, Focus, Energy & Motivation can increase
Decreased out-of-pocket health-costs for employees
Increased life-spans for your employees
Reduced Absenteeism
​Improving employee moral and loyalty​
Decrease you bottom line with ROI

NCQA Certified Health Risk Assessment 
Device Integration
Customizable Platform
3rd-Party Privacy & Portability
Risk Advisor
Wellness Workshops
Nutrition Programs
Exercise Programs
Team Challenges
Monthly Newsletters
Virtual Wellness Manager
Health Coaching
180+ Reports
Mobile Application

And Much More

We provide a single, integrated platform which organizations can efficiently deliver comprehensive and measurable wellness programs. Our program concentrates on each individuals health as well as the company's overall health for the most desirable outcomes. 

The key to program success lies in engaging populations with a guided, individualized approach, delivering targeted programming specific to their risks and goals. Pointing individuals to the right content, at the right time, is critical to establishing the meaningful engagement for long term change.

Comprehensive Wellness solution

the benefits you can enjoy include:

Corporate Health & Wellness has a wealth of information to improve your company's health while decreasing your healthcare costs. We understand that Employees are the most valuable asset to any company. You can put your trust in our professional and experienced team. We will always have your company's progression as our priority.